Why Campfires and Sandcastles?

My husband came to me one day and said, “Hey, you know that journal you keep on each of our trips? What if you turned that into a travel blog, and shared it?” So, I sat down and started typing…16 pages later I thought, “Maybe he’s on to something. Maybe I do have a lot to share on this topic.” We do love to travel. And I do love to share the little tidbits of knowledge we glean about each place we visit. So, that’s what I do here, I simply share our experiences. And I hope this will inspire you to visit each place and create your own memories.

All of the photos I post are ones that we took ourselves. They haven’t been borrowed from other websites or sources, so I can tell you what it’s really like to be there.

You’ll notice our travel has one of two themes…campsites and beaches.  We have traveled the US, often via travel trailer, and spent many a day in Caribbean locales. So, lots of campfires and lots of sandcastles. Hence the name. That’s our interest, so that’s where we’ve been.

Now, we are currently living in Cartagena, Colombia which is located on the Caribbean Sea side of Colombia. Cartagena has more of a beach town feel than the expected jungles that one first thinks of when you say Colombia. So, the pace is slower but the Spanish is spoken very fast, the driving laws are suggestions more than requirements, and the beach vendors are plenty.

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