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The Favorite Beach Club Among Expats in Cartagena: Blue Apple Beach House

The Favorite Beach Club Among Expats in Cartagena: Blue Apple Beach House

A very popular day trip for expats from Cartagena is to travel to Blue Apple Beach House on the southwestern side of the island of Tierra Bomba. It's a relatively quick boat ride from Cartagena, at about 20 to 30 minutes, and drops you off at their private beach to spend the day or even the night on their property.

Romp in the Waves

The property includes a private beach on the ocean, small pool, dining area, bathrooms, and small separate rooms to spend the night. The ocean area has lounges with umbrellas and beach beds either under cabanas or umbrellas. The day we visited there was a rainstorm, so the water was a bit choppy, but it made for great fun for my kids who enjoyed being tossed through the waves by my husband.

Enjoy a Massage and Shopping for Local Wares

There’s a massage hut right on the beach with two massage tables. We didn’t try them, but they must’ve been good massages because they were pretty much occupied the entire day we spent at the club.

The trail from the beach to the main building traverses past some tables of local island wares including woven hats and jewelry. The main building on the property houses the reception area and the dining area, the bathrooms, in addition to a few rooms upstairs to spend the night. 

The pool is relatively small at a single depth of about 4.5 feet, so it's not meant for swimming, but more for conversation while holding an adult beverage.

Eat Well

Our very attentive attendant provided us with a menu to choose our lunch and then when our designated time arrived, we walked up to a table assigned to us that already had our lunch waiting. That was a very nice touch. Often there is a large delay between ordering and receiving food from restaurants in Cartagena, so having our lunch hot and waiting for us was great. We ordered typical American lunch items including hamburgers and sandwiches, but Blue Apple is best known for their paella which is best served to a group of people.

As I mentioned, the staff is attentive to your every need and they speak English, which is a huge creature comfort for us expats. In fact, the entire website and all interactions with the beach club can be done in English.

Blue Apple has their own boat which picks you up at the Marina Santa Cruz in Manga. There is nowhere to park at the marina, so you’ll need to take a taxi. Our boat ride to the island was very rough as we traveled the north side of the island, into the open ocean. The ride home was much smoother via the south side of the island which stays within the bay. The boat captain also allowed us to be dropped off at a dock in Bocagrande on the way home too, which was nice.

Overall, spending the day at Blue Apple was a very pleasant experience, and recommended as an easy, stress-free day. It is a big favorite among expats because it is easy to book, easy to get to, offers good food, and really caters to an English-speaking community. In short, it’s comfortable and a crowd favorite. Is it worth going back? Yes, but for now, there are still many, many other beach clubs for us to discover, so the adventure will continue…

Helpful Hints

Towels: Yes, they provide towels for you to use, so no need to bring your own.

Kids: Children are only welcome on weekdays, not weekends or holidays. It does have more of an adult vibe than some other beach clubs. However, they do have a sand volleyball court and life-sized Jenga.

Booking: I simply filled out their online form and communicated with them via email. They also communicate via WhatsApp. And it can all be done in English.

Price: $75mil COP ($27 USD) per person for the day for transport to the club and use of the pool and amenities. Children under 12 years of age cost $30mil (COP) ($10 USD), and under the age of 5 years are free. Plus, you must spend a minimum of $100mil COP (approximately $33 USD) per person at the restaurant. So, for a family of 4 people who have kids over 12 years of age, you will spend at least $700mil COP (approximately $232 USD) to visit for the day.

Membership: They do offer a year membership for $600mil COP ($200 USD) per person, so if you plan on returning more than 8 times in a year, then a membership is worth the price. Membership also comes with some privileges like a no minimum spend at the restaurant, guaranteed availability, and discounts for guests.

Other beaches on Tierra Bomba: In addition to Blue Apple, we’ve also visited Playa Linda and Hotel Tropical Inn.

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